Whitmer Announces Grants to Support Mobility and Electric Vehicle Investments in Michigan


FLINT, Michigan – Governor Gretchen Whitmer was joined on Wednesday by state, local and academic officials from the GM Mobility Research Center at Kettering University in Flint to announce the first round of funding platform grants from Michigan mobility.

Five mobility companies – MUVE, Airspace Link, KUHMUTE, GreenRoute and Michigan Flyer – received more than $ 444,000 in funding to deploy mobility pilots in Michigan that aim to mitigate barriers to mobility and accelerate adoption electric vehicles, according to a press release.

“These grants ensure a foundation for mobility companies across the state that builds on our reputation as a global leader in testing and deploying future mobility solutions, but also create a path to future growth and jobs. right here in Michigan, ”Whitmer said. “These five companies will help Michigan move closer to our goal of providing sustainable, equitable and accessible transportation options to all residents, and I am confident this technology will have a lasting positive impact in our communities.”

The Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Department of Transportation, launched the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform to provide grants to mobility and electrification companies wishing to deploy their technology solutions in Michigan.

“Michigan entrepreneurs and innovators are leading the way for transportation, mobility and electrification solutions that will impact around the world, while creating economic opportunities here in the state,” said Trevor Pawl, director of mobility at the Office for Future Mobility and Electrification. “We are excited to be able to support these deployments through engagement in public / private partnerships as we continue to make Michigan a state where mobility solutions are born. “

KUHMUTE, for example, received a grant of $ 89,005 and partnered with Flint, Flint DDA and Helbiz to support the installation of multi-modal charging centers throughout the city and encourage the adoption of a sustainable public transport on the first last mile and increasing accessibility to public transport and local businesses. .

Micro-transportation, such as electric scooters and e-bikes, will be able to park and charge at KUHMUTE charging stations located near key destinations including bus stops, apartments, restaurants, and hotels.

“An independent charging network of electric scooters, e-bikes, wheelchairs, delivery robots and more allows communities to choose the mode of transportation that best suits their trip and their capabilities,” said Peter Deppe, co-founder and CEO of KUHMUTE. and a former student of the University of Kettering. “Providing choice is a powerful way to increase adoption of the most sustainable forms of mobility, and our team is excited to play a role in this area. “


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