The body of clothing manufacturers is preparing to launch an online platform for clothing companies


Aiming to provide an alternative to major online shopping verticals, the South Indian Garments Manufacturers Association (Sigma) is preparing to launch an online platform in the textile industry. The online home delivery portal – Sigma E-market place – is due to be introduced within the next six months by bringing together manufacturers and retailers in the apparel industry as part of its efforts to provide services directly to customers.

The idea is to emerge as an alternative platform with other online shopping players such as Amazon, Flipkart and Ajio by offering a website and a mobile application, said Abbas Addhara, general secretary of Sigma. “It was the lively online sales, especially in the textile sector, that forced us to think of an alternative, especially following the recent drop in retail sales. “We are ready to launch the service within six months and the beta will be available within the next three months,” he said.

Kerala’s textile inc in distress

He pointed out that the textile sector in Kerala is going through a period of distress over the past three years. The crisis facing clothing merchants did not start with the outbreak of Corona. The two floods in the state along with the Nipah virus outbreak have virtually tarnished the outlook for the sector, he said.

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The Covid pandemic situation, he said, has made a dent in the textile sector with an estimated loss of around 1,000 crore in the retail sector following the closure of showrooms.

Efforts are underway to achieve access of the new app to more than three lakh customers through a system ranging from clothing manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers, he said, adding that Sigma has decided to launch the app. after a study conducted in the online clothing industry. two years ago.

He also urged retailers and wholesalers in the textile sector to register in the online market, which would help them find more business opportunities for their products.


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