Penn State Brothers Launches Vintage Nittany Lions Online Store


Need unique clothing for match day? Toddler-sized crop tops no longer cut it? A new social media retailer might have the vintage Nittany Lion clothing you’re looking for.

Led by current Penn State student Arif Demirci and his Penn State graduate brother Deniz, Penn State Threads is a in line and Instagram boutique that offers a variety of vintage Penn State clothing.

What started three years ago was born and raised at State College and is now a growing business with nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram.

“We resell vintage clothing that we find on the internet or in person,” said designer Arif Demirci. “It’s a fun business, sure. We just love to share the love of vintage.

Penn State Threads carries a variety of vintage Nittany Lions branded clothing, from hats to polo shirts. You can consult online store archives to see every piece that has ever been sold to Penn State fans.

While the Demirci brothers had to take a break at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn State Threads are back and keep growing. With over 50 different items currently on sale, demand is also increasing.

“The biggest challenge was finding people to buy stuff,” Arif said. “Now if we publish something, it’s gone in a few days, especially if it’s really cool. It used to be months or weeks, sometimes.

Because it’s located in the heart of Happy Valley, Penn State Threads offers free shipping to buyers located at State College. Once your purchase is processed, Penn State Threads will contact you to set a convenient delivery time for you.

Penn State Threads also offers freebies to its subscribers from time to time. This week, the page is teaming up with three other companies to offer unique Penn State apparel.

The giveaway will be officially announced on store Instagram accounts later this week. Their platform handles are also included in the graphic.

Even with all the work involved in running and promoting a successful online store, Demirci says it all pays off.

“It makes everything worth it when I see the smile [customers’] faces, because the vintage clothes we sell are not an everyday thing ”, Arif added. “It’s really unique.”

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