Bitcoin’s journey from “good for diversification” to a “key” part of an investment portfolio


Optimistic cryptocurrency investors bet more on digital assets than other asset classes such as stocks. The tendency to favor cryptocurrency over stocks is driven by strong returns on investments. Very quickly, Bitcoin is making its mark to become one of the most important inclusions in any wallet.

The Growing Role of Bitcoin

Chris Tyrer, Head of Fidelity Digital Assets Europe turn on the light on Bitcoin’s growing dominance as a wallet inclusion in a recent interview. He believes that native crypto assets such as Bitcoin will play a very important role in investment portfolios in the future.

This asset class has a few complications – it has different characteristics compared to traditional securities. Such as’ different security profiles, wallets and private keys and QR codes, etc. Yet BTC has enjoyed significant demand and continues to perform despite such complications. Meanwhile, platforms like Fidelity allow a user of HODL, the flagship token.

Speaking of the increased demand for BTC at Fidelity, said person nodded:

“… Over the last 12 to 15 months, you know, it’s a dramatic change in terms of interest and attitude of this segment of investors. Every investment professional in the world tries to understand the fundamentals.

That said, some of the flagship company’s clients are still reluctant to commit to the cryptocurrency vision. However, this setback could fade over time. He affirmed:

“Cryptos like Bitcoin are always very controversial. Some people are absolutely “evangelical,” and there are a lot of people who don’t see this as transformational technology. But it’s our job to help bridge that gap ”


Concerns over Bitcoin were also discussed in the conversation. The main one is its volatility, doubts about its inclusion in a portfolio and the classification of assets. Finally, the growing ESG concerns mainly due to mining were pointed out.

While these issues may be redundant, here is the last thread under that coverage. Muneeb Ali, a Bitcoin veteran tweeted this- something to watch out for.

Since the invention of Bitcoin, Bitcoin maximalists continue to pose one of the greatest risks to asset growth. Here’s why:

The crypto market is growing at an impressive rate, it is undeniable. Consider this: BTC maximalists have been calling Ethereum a ‘scam’ for years now. But is this really the case? Ethereum has continued to thrive, with more and more developers entering the network as they seek to build their L2 applications.

There are a lot of flaws in Ethereum. However, Bitcoin currently has little to offer as an alternative. There are no major decentralized exchanges, liquidity protocols, stablecoins in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

One of the reasons developers have moved away from the BTC ecosystem for other ecosystems such as ETH and SOL. Rather, maximalists should wake up and face reality. The veteran was of the opinion: “Laughing at every experience will only bring down Bitcoin’s dominance. “

According to him, “… it’s time to build Bitcoin apps to turn BTC into a productive asset. We should welcome developers and entrepreneurs. The maximalist strategy achieved its objective in 2017 and no longer works; now let’s focus on the builders.


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