How to get a credit card?

Nowadays, it is not only the banking entities that can give you access to a credit card. In Argentina there are different businesses such as Pabella, Corefour, Morestar or Palmart that will allow you to get a credit card. Here are the benefits that these credit cards have:

  • Customer loyalty. Businesses that offer their own credit card do so to attract customers, giving them greater advantages compared to paying for their purchases with other products.

  • Discounts to customers. If you have a local credit card, you can have discounts and better financing than you could have by paying in cash or with a credit card from a bank.

  • Speed. By presenting the requirements requested by the local you can take out the credit card without having to return another day. It is one of the easiest ways to access one.


What requirements do I need to get a credit card?

What requirements do I need to get a credit card?

Most banks generally have the same requirements to get a credit card. Let’s see the requirements that you need to prove in order to have yours


Requirements of banks in general:

credit card requirements

  1. Who can take it out? Individuals who work in a dependency relationship, or who independently develop an economic activity (self-employed) or retirees and / or pensioners.
  2. Minimum income: depending on the credit card you want to take out, the bank will ask you to credit a minimum income. They can range from $ 5,000 to $ 80,000.
  3. Labor Old:

  4. Employees in dependency relationship: with a minimum of 3 months seniority in their job.

  5. Hired: 1 year old in employment and have a current annual contract.
  6. Autonomous: Be enrolled in Earnings: exercising the profession or trade for 1 year from the presentation of the first DDJJ of Earnings.
  7. Monotributistas: 1 year old in the profession or trade from the inscription in the Monotributo.


Requirements of businesses in general

credit card

  1. Who can take it out? The same customer profile applies as in the case of banks in general.
  2. Complete application form. Depending on the trade, you can complete an online or paper form with your personal data and your CUIT / CUIL. Through this data, the commercial agent can assess your financial situation, if you are in the Veraz and if you are registered in the system.
  3. Have a minimum monthly income. By analyzing your personal data in the system, merchants will be able to evaluate the amount of money you receive approximately per month, which will ensure that you have enough income to pay the expenses incurred with the card.

You can usually ask yourself whether to take out a credit card or fast loan. Each form of credit has its own characteristics that we comment below:

  • Credit card: whether you take it out through a bank or through a store, they are usually more demanding with the requirements they request. Above all, if you have a history of having unpaid obligations (credits, loans, unpaid installments) it will be more complicated to get a credit card.
  • Quick loan : they are loans that you can access quickly and easily, without so many requirements to get the money you need. In Ronald Capestone you can find fast loans that adapt to the personal conditions of each client.


What documentation do I have to submit to get a credit card?

credit card?

As we previously mentioned, each bank or business entity will have its own requirements. However, they will usually ask you to credit the following documentation:

  • ID
  • CUIL or CUIT
  • A service invoice (electricity, gas, water) in the name of the applicant, to verify the address.
  • The last salary receipt for workers in dependency relationship .
  • In the case that you are self- employed or monotributista , you must present:
  • Affidavit of income taxes.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Proof of registration in DGI / AFIP. If you are retired or are a pensioner, you must submit:
  • The latest summary of retirement assets and the collection receipt.


How to choose the best credit card in Argentina?

How to choose the best credit card in Argentina?

Each credit card will have its requirements as we have previously analyzed. However, each credit card will also have its characteristics to consider:

  1. Interest rates. Each entity will have its own interest rates that will affect the partial payment of what was spent. That is to say, the month that you do not get to pay the total amount of the credit card you will have the option to pay the minimum that marks in the summary. However, by reading the fine print you will find that this benefit has an interest rate cost. For this reason, that month you will not pay the total, but next you will have to face the amount of the monthly expense added to the interest rate of the previous month. Beware of this issue!
  2. The total annual cost of the product. In the case that you have taken out the credit card on your own, and not through the work where you are employed, you will have to face the cost of the credit card. This amount varies depending on where you get the credit card.
  3. The benefits of using the credit card. By way of loyalty with customers, entities offer different benefits. Whether they offer discounts on purchases at certain merchants, accumulation of points or the benefit of getting another card attached at no cost. Evaluate your options!

Beyond the aforementioned, it will be essential that you thoroughly assess the differences between credit cards and short-term loans in order to obtain the credit that best suits your situation. In the end, the important thing is to get the money needed to finance your expenses. For this, the key will be the requirements that you have to prove to get. Find out in Ronald Capestone the short-term loans that you can access!